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Action in Goa Will Strengthen U.N., Not Weaken It

-Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya
[Organiser, 4 June, 1962]
Madras, 27 December. Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya, General Secretary, Bharatiya Jana Sangh said here today, that the GOI action in Goa had enhanced the prestige of the country, revived the confidence of the nation and instilled new hope in the subjugated peoples and hence would strengthen the U.N., rather than weaken it as had been said in some quarters.

Sri Upadhyaya said, “U.N. cannot be an instrument of depriving nations of their freedom. Permanent peace is not possible so long as there exist political slavery, economic exploitation, social discrimination and selfish lust for power. The western powers, if they have any regard for the U.N., should, exert their influence in putting an end to these evils which are a legacy of their own actions in the past.”

P.M.’s Ominous Remarks

Criticising the Prime Minister’s remarks on Kashmir, Sri Upadhyaya said, “Now that the Goa issue has been solved, it necessary that our efforts are directed to meet the challenge from the North. The Prime Minister’s latest reference to Kashmir is ominous. Instead of asking Pakistan to vacate aggression, he is talking of maintaining the status quo and of adjustments. It is a wrong approach to the problem and the surest way of encouraging disloyal elements in the State who are banking upon the State of uncertainty about the status and further of Kashmir. The Jana Sangh warns that the people of India will not tolerate and surrender on this issue.”
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