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THE words 'Akhand Bharat' (un-divided India) include all those basic values of nationalism and an integral culture that the Jana Sangh has accepted. These words include the feeling that this entire land from Attock
to Cutack, Kutch to Kamrup and Kashmir to Kanya Kumari is not only sacred to us but is a part of us. The people who have been born in it since times immemorial and who still live in it may have all the differences superficially brought about by place and time, but the basic unity of their entire life can be seen in every devotee of Akhand Bharat.

WHAT is history ? History is a constructive effort to remove the hindrances in the way of realization of the basic unity of life. Slavery was the greatest hindrance in our realization of this unity. So we fought against it.

Freedom should have helped this realization. But it did not, so we are sad. Today there is a conflict of contradictory sentiments in our life. 'Akhand Bharat' is in the nature of our nation. Divided india is unnatural. Today we try to deceive ourselves that we delight in this unnatural situation, but there is no joy for us. If we accept this truth we shall be free of this internal conflict and our efforts would become united and strong.

THE separatist and anti-national attitude of the Muslim community is the greatest obstruction to Akhand Bharat. The creation of Pakistan is the triumph of this attitude. Those who have doubts about Akhand Bharat feel that the Muslim will not change his policy. If this is so, then the continuance of six crone Muslims in India would be highly detrimental to the interest of India.Would any Congressman say that Muslims should be driven out of India ? If not, then they will have to be assimilated into the national life of this country. If this country was partitioned by a lack of the feeling of unity,the same feeling of unity can again bring it together. We must strive for this.

THE existence of Pakistan has partitioned the political independence of this country, It would be wrong to consider it a separate independent State. It represents that attitude and tradition which want to put an end to the national personality of india and establish a foreign rule and foreign values. Hence Pakistan is a remnant of the slavery of india. So long as we do not liberate our brethren there from this slavery, our political independence will remain incomplete.

(Excerpts from the book - "Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya A Profile" edited by Sudhakar Raje.)

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