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Goa Should Be Merged Without a Second Election

-Pt. Deendayal Upadhyaya
[Organiser, 25 July, 1965]

Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri has again mishandled the Goa issue. To take a decision with regard to the future of a territory on the basis of elections is a wrong and improper application of a democratic principle. So far as the general feeling and wish of the results of the last elections is sufficient indication. There is no need for fresh elections. It amounts to taking a referendum without the advantage of certainty and precision attaching to that procedure. It is shirking of responsibility by the Centre.

it is definite that on no account Goa should be allowed to continue as a separate unit. It is a historical and political necessity to merge it with the adjoining areas. The following procedure should be adopted for this purpose—
1. The Central Government should declare that Goa shall not remain a Union Territory.
2. A Committee or Commission is appointed to recommend its merger with the adjoining areas in accordance with the principles on which the reorganisation of the States has been accomplished.

There is no need of fresh elections. It is only a clever ruse of the Prime Minister to dislodge an Opposition ministry from power in that territory. If various Congress Ministries, without the support of the majority of the electorate can arrogate to themselves the right of representing the wished of the people, why should not that privilege is allowed to the Bandodkar Ministry?

The way Maharashtra and Mysore Governments and the Congress leaders have reacted to the Goa issue has completely exposed their parochial out look and their utter lack of discipline. It is sought to be made out as if Goa is a bone of contention between Maharashtra and Mysore. Is fact it is not a provincial question at all. Neither Maharashtra nor Mysore can decide it. It is a national issue and should be settled accordingly at the Central level.

It seems that Goa issue has been raked up by the Prime Minister only to divert the attention of the people and the AICC from other pressing and important problems e.g. Food and Kutch. I hope that people and parties will not lose their sense of perspective and proportion in dealing with the various issues.
Compiled by Amarjeet Singh, Research Associate & Programme Coordinator, Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee Research Foundation, 9, Ashok Road, New Delhi - 110001
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