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More Give than Take: Jana Sangh Criticises Indo-Pak Border Agreement

-Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya
[Organiser, 18 January, 1960]

One again the Indo–Pak Agreement on Western border disputes has established that the Government of India, contrary to India’s national interests, has followed the policy of winning Pakistan’s good will, which is problematic, by appeasement and territorial concessions. The Agreement is reported to have been arrived at in a spirit of give and take. But the joint communique, while it recounts in detail the provisions of the agreement on ground rules, is mysteriously and enigmatically silent about the details of the areas to be transferred. India is reported to have conceded three villages–The Saraja Maraja, Rakh Hardit Singh and Pathanke and a part of the 17 mile bund built after partition as an extension of the Suleimanki head “Yorks for flood protection in Ferozepur district, in return for Pakistan giving up her claim over one village–Chak Ladekhe–in India.

If give and take means such a bargain then India is a great loser. It seems that an undue advantage is being taken of the people’s feelings aroused by the Chinese aggression. While all attention is diverted towards the misdeeds of China, our interests are being scarified to please another intransigent and hostile neighbour.

Bharatiya Jana Sangh does not approve of this practice and warns the Government of India that any Indo–Pak amity born out of this policy will be short lived. Having grabbed what ever we should concede, Pakistan would react with greater vehemence and hostility to lay further claims. Jana Sangh would, however, welcome any solution of the existing disputes based on principles and just claims of the two states.
Compiled by Amarjeet Singh, Research Associate & Programme Coordinator, Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee Research Foundation, 9, Ashok Road, New Delhi - 110001
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