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The Battle for the Cow Is the Battle for Freedom and Democracy

-Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya
[Organiser, 15 December, 1958]

Demand for a ban on cow–slaughter is an old one. Much has been said in favour and against, such a ban. Issues of all sorts–economic political and constitutional have been raised in its way from time to time. Although the orders of the Supreme Court. Thought these difficulties and problems of cow–protection has been rendered any the dealings of the Government are not above They neither give nor even dissent, in terms. On the difficulties of all sorts conjured up every is raised. The few are taken as a result pressure are half its ineffectual, and seek” game has on for the past even cow–protection movement to be encountering the undergoing the process of the days prior attainment of freedom British laid down imp conditions for the of independence we, tried to fulfil them. The Government only in earnestness seems to be designed to in their meshes.

There was a section of people who fought the battle of freedom of the declaration Victoria laying stress on and other issues in legal, constitutional and national spirit. In sharp contrast between above methods and their approach, Lok Manya Highlighted the basic issue rendered “Swaraj is my birthright and I shall have.” Subsequently is 1942 Mahatma Gandhi even gone to the length of launching the “Quit India” movement and declaring unequivocally that he would prefer anarchy to continued slavery. This intensity of sentiment itself was an eloquent reply to all logic launched against granting independence. So long as we took it upon our selves to negotiate the hurdles placed by the English in the way of granting independence. We were never successful in the effort, for it was an easy and natural job for the English to concoct ever new difficulties every time.

Cow–The Symbol Of The Nation

The Gohatya Nirodh Samiti has always regarded the issue of the cow as one concerned with fundamental rights of the Bharatiyas. The acceptance or denial of this fundamental right will itself determine the nature of Bharatiya independence. Those who have meant “Swaraj” a mere transfer of power have failed to appreciate the distinction and disparity between “Swaraj” and “Par-raj” (i.e. slavery). The concept of “Swaraj” presupposes the resuscitation of “our” values of life and points of honour. And the cow, by far, constitutes the centre of all our points of honour. Hence whenever foreigners have invaded our land they made the “cow” a special target of repression. Similarly the urge for our independence always flowed from our sentiment for cow–protection. The conflict in our life essentially owes its origin to the type of Government obtaining in our country. Those who want to establish foreign values of life in Bharat, who want to base the future of Bharat on a new foundation borrowed from abroad, having wiped out our ancient way of life entirely, they raise their eyebrows and twist their nose on the problem of cow protection. But the teeming millions of Bharatiyas do reverse their points of honour even today. And for this very reason our rulers studiously refrain from categorically refusing to ban cow–slaughter and want only to beguile the people in return. But this may be called a fool–hardy attempt at imposing foreign rule over the local populace. Hence the battle for cow–protection amounts not only to a battle for freedom but to that of democracy too.

Some False Excuses

May we ask such people, as always confute up financial impediments in the way of banning cow–slaughter, whether they would like to scrap all elections simply because they involve expenditure running into crores? If under the plea of democracy we can accept a system of government that is expensive, slow–working and hence ineffectual, can we not afford to bear the financial burden involved in banning cow–slaughter (even presuming that such a ban amounts to a financial burden which, in fact, it does not) for the same of safeguarding our points of faith and honour? But all this depends essentially on what we mean by a ‘nation’.
Those, whose concept of a “Nation” confines itself to a group of people whose eating drinking and merry–making they are to arrange, will neither be able to comprehend the significance of the cow, nor succeed in building up the nation.

The nation, in fact, is the inspiring mind–force behind the physical human conglomeration. It derives its existence from the spiritual traditions and faiths which alone pour life and vivacity into its limbs. And the cow forms not only the centre of national mind but she permeates through our entire existence like “Brahma”.

The slogan of cow–protection will not only help us realize the fulfilment of our long cherished aspirations but will send through the entire national life a new wave of self–consciousness. This will bring about a thorough metamorphosis in the present setup of our Government. If the Government that feels today a sense of diffidence about the national points of honour, begins to feel a sense of pride in cow–protection, and a sense of glory in cow–development, then the Government and the will be well on the way to progress through their continued efforts as if they were the table limbs of our Nation Personified.

To achieve this end is not necessary that the Government should have declared cow–slaughter unlawful on the August 1947. Now this declaration can be made good by only making an amendment to our present Constitution. The various of legislation passed to effect by the different help check cow–slaughter to the extent in those states little honest thinking is to bear on the pro these legislations can satisfy the national soul conscience. But if National consciousness has to be and guided along a course, the only alternative is to get cow–slaughter banned constitutionally. Then only would we have attained Real Dom!
Compiled by Amarjeet Singh, Research Associate & Programme Coordinator, Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee Research Foundation, 9, Ashok Road, New Delhi - 110001
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