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Jana Sangh's Call For Anti-Appeasement Week Reaction To Nehru's Invitation To Chou

-Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya
[Organiser, 29 February, 1960]

The Invitation to Mr. Chou–En–lai by the Prime Minister has been widely repented by the people. While it is a matter of gratification that the Prime Minister in his recent note to China has purr India’s case ably and in definite terms, it is intriguing why he should climb down to meet the Chinese Premier, especially when there is no meeting ground between the two. By inviting an aggressor to Delhi, the Prime Minister has disregarded national sentiments and has failed to maintain the dignity of a sovereign nation. Jana Sangh strongly condemns this action of the Prime Minister and regrets that instead of taking steps to consolidate the nation to withstand effectively the aggressive designs of the Chinese, he should create a situation in which the people feel puzzled and divided over such a vital question. A national policy in this regard is needed.

Though the Prime Minister has categorically stated that the meeting does not amount to negotiations and that India’s case will be fully defended, yet it passes one’s comprehension as to how the two Prime Ministers will meet without discussing the problem pending between the two countries, and how there will be no negotiations. We are apprehensive that in his anxiety to solve disputes by peaceful means, and following his old policy of appeasement, the Prime Minister may compromise our position, and sacrifice India’s interests. Parts of Ladakh may be ceded to China in return for some sort of assurances in other fields. Bharatiya Jana Sangh has decided to give expression to people’s fears in this regard and to demand from the Prime Minister that under no circumstances even an inch of India’s territory will be caded.

Jana Sangh reiterates its stand that there can be no negotiations so long as the aggression continues and all that Prime Minister should do is to take steps to regain the lost territory. In the first phase the Jana Sangh calls upon all its branches too serve the week commencing 27 February to mobilize the people against the invitation and any sort of possible let–down by the Government.
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