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Foreign Encouragement to Anti-Hindi Agitation

-Pt. Deendayal Upadhyaya
[Organiser, 14 June, 1965]

He said that Jana Sangh supported the resolution of the Congress Executive in so far as it stood for making all the languages medium of instructions, but it was opposed to the resolution’s provisions to maintain English for an indefinite period and for putting restrictions on the use of Hindi. The General Secretary of the Jana Sangh said that apart from this the question of Central Language was a subject to be decided by parliament and could not be left to the States.

The classification of States as Hindi and non-Hindi States was misleading. He said that the so-called non-Hindi States of Gujarat was using more Hindi than States like Madhya Pradesh termed as “Hindi State”. In the circumstances States like Gujarat, Maharashtra and Orissa could not be linked with Tamilnadu as non-Hindi States. The opponents of Hindi were for retaining English for all time to come. Jana Sangh would permit use of English for 10 years only by persons not knowing Hindi.

Shri Upadhyaya said that foreign missionaries and the British Council for promotion of English were helping the anti-Hindi agitation of students in the South. The D.M.K. had withdrawn from the agitation but the foreign elements were helping the agitation even financially and it was a subject of grave concern. These elements financed air trips of the leaders of the so-called student’s agitation.
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