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Foreign Office Infested By Communist Agents

-Pt. Deendayal Upadhyaya
[Organiser, 18 January 1965]

King Mahendra of Nepal has cancelled his proposed visit to Nagpur in deference to the wishes of the Government of India. The country has lost an opportunity to reinforce and strengthen bonds of Hinduism that bind the people of India and Nepal. The Government of India has acted in a most undiplomatically and crude manner. It has cared neither to safeguard the interests of the country nor to observe common forms of decency due to a foreign but friendly dignitary. It is all the more reprehensible that the External affairs Ministry should try to feign ignorance: While proclaiming ‘Satyameva Jayate’ to be its motto it has indulged in ‘blatant lies’.

Obviously the Foreign Office has played into the hands of the Communist press which had raised a hue and cry. The Communists have never been happy since relations between India and Nepal began to improve. Both in Nepal and in India they have been trying to plague the Government of India. That the Foreign Office should oblige these Peking patriots is incomprehensible. I demand that a thorough screening of the External Affairs Ministry be made, for in all its working it has invariable undermined India’s foreign policy and given it a pro-communist twist.

By asking the king to refrain from attending the Nagpur rally the Government of India has harmed national interests, retarded the pace of Indo-Nepal amity and hurt the sentiments of Hindus in India, Nepal and abroad. This very Government had welcomed the Pope and behaved in a most obnoxious manner. But it has shown scant regard to the feelings of the Hindus. Naturally, there is deep resentment in the public over this attitude of the Government. I strongly condemn the Government policy and the manner of its execution, and demand that the Government make proper amends to the king, to the RSS Chief and to the Hindus in general.
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