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First Among Equals

-Vedpratap Vaidik

If I am invited for function to remember Deendayal ji it is a honour for me because I am a stranger and I feel honored. Since Deendayalji has left I am out of touch with various things and many contacts have been lost. He was a very focused person and he was multifaceted. Deendayal ji had uncommon natural ability to be a good communicator between different people from different spheres of life, people coming from different areas of life and of different nature. Deen Dayal Ji was post partition journalist and if one has a look at the past 200 years in journalism we see a partition of journalistic history divided between two lines. Journalism before independence was like a mission and the post independence journalism is considered to be a mean of earning livelihood or another profession. The distortions we see in journalism today were indicated by Deendayalji


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